Friday, September 14, 2007

Shout Out to New Blog: Connecticut Employment Law Blog

Computer We would like to welcome to the blogosphere a new employment law blog run by Dan Schwartz of Epstein, Becker: Connecticut Employment Law Blog.

Dan describes the scope of what he hopes to cover as:

While practicing law in Connecticut for over a dozen years, I have seen my fair share of cases.  I have also seen a lack of coverage of employment law issues for human resources professionals and in-house employment counsel in Connecticut.  The mainstream press (to generalize) often prints about cases only when they are first filed, but the reader is left to wonder what happened to them.  In addition, discussion of particular decisions or laws typically contains only the briefest of details or analysis.  I hope this blog can fill that void by being a place where those items are discussed, debated and explored.  Your involvement in the blog through suggestions, comments, criticisms and praises is crucial to its long term success.

Sounds like a worthwhile addition to our little part of the blogosphere.  I especially like the idea of following up on cases first reported on the news. Check it out!


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