Thursday, September 6, 2007

Recently Published Scholarship

Goldman Green

University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law
Volume 9, Number 4, Summer 2007


  • Alvin L. Goldman (left), Selecting the Correct Standard for Judicial Review of Airline Grievance Arbitration Decisions, p. 743.
  • Cheryl L. Howard, Romeo and Juliets: A Modern Workplace Tragedy, p. 805.
  • Shelby D. Green (right), To Disclose or Not to Disclose?  That Is the Question for the Corporate Fiduciary Who Is Also a Pension Plan Fiduciary Under ERISA: Resolving the Conflict of Duty, p. 831.
  • Adrian McDonald, Through the Looking Glass: Runaway Productions and “Hollywood Economics”, p. 879.


  • Sheila Bapat, Fighting Collectively for Contraceptive Equity: Class Action Litigation and Emerging Labor Union Support for Contraceptive Coverage, p. 951.

  • Samantha A. Hill, The ADA’s Failure to Protect Drug Addicted Employees Who Want to Seek Help and Rehabilitation, p. 973.

  • Xun Zeng, Enforcing Equal Employment Opportunities in China, p. 991.


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Both of those folks seem to lean to the right...

Posted by: Chris | Sep 7, 2007 8:07:23 PM

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