Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NLRB Event Cancelled Because of Protest

Nlrb As we have been reporting (most recently here), the NLRBU has been keeping the pressure on the NLRB's General Counsel, Ronald Meisburg, for his challenge of a FLRA decision to allow Board- and General Counsel-side employees in the same bargaining unit.  As reported by the BNA Daily Labor Report (subscription required), the NLRBU seems to have won the latest skirmish:

Organizers of a program to mark the 50th anniversary of the National Labor Relations Board's regional office in Newark, N.J., cancelled the program scheduled for the evening of Sept. 10 because members of a union representing NLRB employees announced that they would engage in informational picketing at the event at which General Counsel Ronald Meisburg planned to speak. . . .

Management attorney Angelo J. Genova, who chairs the state bar's labor and employment law section, said Sept. 11 that he and the other members of the event committee "collectively and unilaterally chose to cancel the event" after learning of the planned picketing in order to respect "the concerns professed by a number of our speakers affiliated historically or presently with organized labor." 

Another factor was "the practical recognition that the prospect of the Union's exercise of its right to establish a picket line at the event would deter numerous attendees from participating," which would defeat the purpose of celebrating "the history, tradition, collegiality and professional respect" enjoyed by labor, management, and NLRB professionals in Region 22, Genova said.

As the AALS discovered a couple of years ago during the San Francisco hotel dispute, many pro-labor individuals are very careful about never crossing a picket line of any kind.  Although the NLRBU stated that they did not intend to cause the events cancellation, you can be sure that they're pleased with the result. 


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