Thursday, September 27, 2007

MLB Umpire Suspended for Player Altercation

Mlblogo The news wires are filled with stories about the suspension without pay of MLB Umpire Mike Winters for apparently escalating a confrontation with a player through use of foul language which led, in a bizarre twist, to the player suffering a serious injury (any tort professors out there?):

The key moment in the decision, according to multiple sources, came as a result of Winters calling [Milton] Bradley a "f------ piece of s---" during the heated argument at first base.

  That moment is what appears to have escalated what already was a heated argument into a situation that spun so badly out of control that Bradley suffered a season-ending knee injury while being restrained by Padres manager Bud Black

Ok, there are all sorts of interesting, proximate cause-type questions concerning the injury that Bradley suffered, but I want to focus on the employment angle.  Should Bradley have also been suspended for being so enraged about a call in a baseball game?  Was it really that important that he blow up to the point where it was possible for him to suffer an injury?  And if both Winters and Bradley were equally culpable, does that make the penalty against Winters unnecessarily harsh?


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