Monday, August 27, 2007

Workplace Prof #1 Most Popular Law Faculty Blog Among Academics

Laptop_guy Sorry for the navel-gazing, but Jay Brown from the Race to the Bottom blog has the new results of which blogs are read most by people with .edu IP addresses:

Justia has just included a top 200 list that counts only visitors who have an IP address that are from .edu networks.  In other words, all of these visitors come from academic institutions.  The ranking, therefore, tells something about the popularity of a blog within the academic community.  Admittedly, the system is not perfect.  An edu IP address could be used by students or staff and many faculty visit sites using from non-acadmic ( networks.  Nonetheless, for now, it is as close as we get . . .

The reading habits of those with an edu IP address? The most popular blog?  Abovethelaw, a site that is not sponsored by law faculty but is a self described source of "news and gossip about the profession’s most colorful personalities and powerful institutions"  After that, things get a bit more, shall we say, academic.  Six of the top 10 most popular law blogs among academics are law blogs written by other academics.  Moreover, the top academic blog ranked by the edu crowd is not about tax (TaxProf Blog is the highest ranked law faculty blog among all visitors)  but employment law, withWorkplace Prof Blog the most popular among academics.

Mercy buckets everyone! I can't speak for Rick, but I certainly NEVER won a popularity contest before.


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Congrats! And that Rick sure is dreamy looking.

Posted by: Joseph Slater | Aug 27, 2007 12:33:10 PM


Posted by: Ron Turner | Aug 27, 2007 3:23:53 PM

Mazel tov!

Posted by: eric | Aug 27, 2007 5:33:05 PM

You guys keep us updated and happy :)

Posted by: Orly Lobel | Aug 28, 2007 12:56:06 PM

Great Job, Rick and Paul!!!

Posted by: Michael Green | Aug 28, 2007 4:19:54 PM


Posted by: Meaghin | Sep 4, 2007 5:24:28 AM

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