Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Union Demands NLRB General Counsel's Resignation

Picketing As we posted earlier, the NLRB's General Counsel, Ronald Meisburg, recently appealed an FLRA decision to allow the NLRBU to represent a unit that included both Board-side and General Counsel-side employees.  The NLRBU has responded by picketing outside NLRB headquarters.  In it accompanying press release, the NLRBU states:

National Labor Relations Board Union members today carried informational picket signs and distributed leaflets demanding the resignation of National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Ronald Meisburg.  The Union alleges that Meisburg, a presidential appointee whose term ends in 2010, has engaged in conduct that shows defiance of Federal Law and contempt for the rights of his employees. . . .

Union leaders expressed outrage at the decision [to challenge the FLRA's opinion] and demanded that Meisburg resign.  “Meisburg is engaging in the same type of conduct that he is supposed to prohibit when it’s done by private sector employers,” said Eric Brooks, president of the Union. “It’s disgraceful that someone in his position would defy Federal Law, especially when the motive is to deny bargaining rights to his own employees.  His conduct demonstrates that he can no longer be trusted to enforce employee rights in either the public or private sectors.”

Another picketer, who asked not to be identified by name, was blunter.  “Every day, I go to work and attempt to enforce Federal Labor law,” he said.  “Now my own boss is saying that he’s going to violate the law. I no longer have any respect for him as the head of the Agency.  He should go.”

Union sources said this would not be the last demonstration demanding Meisburg’s resignation.  They indicated that the Union has plans to picket at other public events Meisburg attends and will continue until he either resigns or agrees to obey the law.

As I noted in my earlier post, labor relations at the NLRB have long had problems and this latest action is part of a much bigger set of issues  I don't imagine that the protests will have any direct effect on the Board's position or Meisburg's tenure, but don't look for this dispute to go away any time soon.


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