Friday, August 24, 2007

America's Worst Bosses

Bad_boss BNA's Daily Report (subscription required) has the results of Working America's My Bad Boss Contest.  Working America is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO which has been seeking non-traditional means to organize and involve workers.  This contest (which is reported in more detail at Working America's website) is only a small part of some of the group's interesting work.  On to the winners:

The entry "Cancer Can't Stop This Boss" by Pete Yonski of Illinois, won the contest with 1,276 votes in the final round. . . .  The winning story described a father of three who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and who put in for paid leave and disability benefits, but lost the benefits because his boss threw away the paperwork, asserting he knew it would take months or years to resolve. . . . 

Among the five runners-up was a story about a waitress whose boss knowingly hired her stalker, and a boss who, wanting to keep his employee working, did not tell him that his pregnant wife had called, bleeding and needing to go to the hospital. Other finalists included a woman who said her boss kept her making pizzas between contractions, and another entrant who said his boss would not allow health officials to be called while workers stood in sewage for almost a week while preparing food to serve. 

The winner of the most outrageous story, dubbed "Business is Burning and so are the Employees," described a boss who told his staff that in case of a fire, one person in the office would leave every five minutes in order of seniority. The contest winner, who was the least senior member of the staff, stayed answering the help-desk phone for 45 minutes while smoke filled the room in his burning office building until a security officer yelled at him to evacuate.

This might be a sign that I should stop grousing about parking at my school.


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