Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Recently Published Scholarship

Zietlow Risa_edited Ontivaros_2

The University of Toledo Law Review
Volume 38, Number 3, Spring 2007

Selected articles from the Thirteenth Amendment Symposium

  • Rebecca E. Zietlow (left) & James Gray Pope, The Toledo Auto-Lite Strike of 1934 and the Fight Against “Wage Slavery,” p. 839.
  • Risa L. Goluboff, Race, Labor, and the Thirteenth Amendment in the 1940s Department of Justice, p. 883.
  • Maria L. Ontiveros, Noncitizen Immigrant Labor and the Thirteenth Amendment: Challenging Guest Worker Programs, p. 923.
  • Kathleen Kim, Psychological Coercion in the Context of Modern-Day Involuntary Labor: Revisiting United States v. Kozminski and Understanding Human Trafficking, p. 941.



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