Friday, June 15, 2007

Child Labor and the 2008 Olympics

Olympicsbeijing Here's a disturbing report from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Backpacks, caps and other licensed products for the 2008 Beijing Olympics are being made in Chinese factories that use child labor and force employees to work long hours for less than minimum wage, a report released yesterday said.

The report, compiled by PlayFair 2008 - an alliance of global trade unions and labor groups - identified four factories it says are abusing Chinese and international labor standards to produce Olympics-licensed products.

"It brings shame on the whole Olympics movement that such severe violations of international labor standards are taking place in Olympic-licensed factories," said Guy Ryder, general secretary of the Brussels-based International Trade Union Confederation, a PlayFair campaign member and worldwide union association.

Officials with the Beijing Olympic organizing committee declined to comment, saying they had not seen the report.

Of course, that the world could sit by and watch these labor abuses take place without much comment is unsettling.  The Olympics should take the only right move and immediately disassociate itself from these products made by child labor. 

Where's the outrage, people?


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