Monday, May 7, 2007

Women Lawyers of the World Unite

Workingmother Robert Ambrogi over at's Legal Blog Watch has this story concerning an email a fellow blogger received about protesting the conditions at work for female attorneys.   She writes:

I fantasized about a walk out of female attorneys, hopefully accompanied by their male supporters -- perhaps only an hour or two in length, to protest current conditions and to express support for the ideas/strategies proposed at yesterday's briefing. Or an all day conference, a sort of pre-planned walkout, filled with workshops on getting better assignments, business development, the work-life continuum, ... self-care, etc. -- not held on the weekend, but pointedly during the workday.

In response, Roberts asks:

Why not? Imagine the impact if women lawyers throughout the United States walked off their jobs for a single, organized day of workshops and events. Even better, imagine if their male supporters joined them. Would the business of law grind to a halt? You bet it would. Would progress be made? No doubt.

Why not indeed.


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And of course the walkout would be protected concerted activity under the NLRA.

Posted by: Rick Bales | May 7, 2007 5:18:30 PM

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