Saturday, May 12, 2007

Top-5 Benefits/Compensation/Pension SSRN Downloads

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  1. Daniel I. Halperin & Ethan Yale, Deferred Compensation Revisited (199).
  2. Piet J.W. Duffhues (left) & Rezaul Kabir (right), Is the Pay-Performance Relationship Always Positive? (98).
  3. Rik G.P. Frehen, Rob Bauer, Roger Otten, & Hubert Lum, The Performance of US Pension Funds (89).
  4. Edward A. Zelinsky, The New Massachusetts Health Law: Preemption and Experimentation (82).
  5. Ilan Guedi & Amir Barnea, CEO Compensation and Director Networks (67).


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