Thursday, May 31, 2007

Conference on Comparative Racial Justice


David Oppenheimer (Golden Gate) writes to tell us about an exciting conference on Comparative Racial Justice being hosted by his summer Paris program.

Here are some of the details:

Should Europe adopt US-style affirmative action?  Should the US embrace the French model of color blindness?  Shoud a national census report describe population by race?  Do Europeans and North Americans have anything to teach each other about solving the problem of racial inequality?

On Monday June 25, academics, activists and representatives from governments and NGOswill gather at the University of Paris’ Nanterre campus to address these questions in a public discussion of comparative racial justice.  The discussion will include experts in anti-discrimination law from France, Germany, Britain, Canada and the United States.

Each will address the following question: “What can we learn from each other about the problem of racial inequality?”  The discussion will be in English.

The panel is scheduled for 16:00-17:30, followed by a reception honoring the panelists.  The public is welcome.  Admission is free.

For further information, contact Professor David Oppenheimer at [email protected].


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Have you seen this?

"A company that provides translation services and cultural sensitivity training to other organizations is being accused of sex discrimination and racial insensitivity in its own ranks."

"To bolster her discrimination complaint with the state, Kelly included photos allegedly showing the company's top two human resources executives dressed up for the 2005 corporate Halloween party as a black pimp and a white prostitute. The "pimp," a white woman wearing blackface and sporting a fake gold tooth, won the prize for best costume, the complaint said."

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