Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cert Granted Re: Judicial Review of Arbitral Awards

Contract As Mitchell Rubinstein notes at his Adjunct Law Prof Blog, the Supreme Court has granted certiorari in a case raising the issue of whether parties can contractually alter the terms of judicial review in an arbitration decision governed by the Federal Arbitration Act.  I wrote on this issue awhile back; see Maggio & Bales, Contracting Around the FAA: The Enforceability of Private Agreements to Expand Judicial Review of Arbitration Awards, 18 Ohio St. J. Disp. Resol. 151 (2002) (Westlaw subscription required).  The case under review is Hall Street Assoc. v. Mattel, Inc., Nos. 05-35721 & 05-35906, 2006 WL 2193411 (Westlaw subscription required).


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