Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cameron on California Supreme Court Overtime Decision

Cameron Kudos to Chris Cameron (Southwestern) for being quoted in a Los Angeles Times article about a major overtime case recently decided by the California Supreme Court.

Here is a summary of the the decision in Murphy v. Kenneth Cole from the article:

The California Supreme Court handed workers a major victory Monday, in effect tripling the back pay they can seek if they are forced to work through meal and rest breaks required by state law.

The long-awaited decision affects hundreds of thousands of white-collar workers in industries such as retail, food service, insurance and banking who are called managers or assistant managers but who spend much of their day ringing up sales, stocking shelves or sweeping the floor alongside the workers they oversee.

Here's one of Chris's two quotes in the article:

This is the single biggest area of employment litigation today and California is the leader, for better or worse . . . .Some employers would say we're terribly overregulated. But [the] plain fact is that most of [the regulations] aren't enforced.

Keep up the good work, Chris!


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