Wednesday, April 18, 2007

American Job Tenure




A study posted on SSRN today by Crag Copeland of EBRI reports some striking information about the average job tenure of American workers.   The study compares job tenure in 1983 with job tenure in 2006.  Among the findings:

  • The median tenure for all wage and salary workers age 25+ was virtually unchanged from 1983 (5.0 years) to 2006 (4.9 years).  However, during that period, tenure for male workers decreased from 5.9 years to 5.0 years, and tenure for females increased from 4.2 years to 4.8 years.
  • The median tenure for private-sector workers held steady from 1983 to 2006 at 3.9 years.  However, the median tenure for public-sector workers increased from 6.0 years to 7.0 years. 

For the complete report, see Employee Tenure, 2006.


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