Saturday, March 17, 2007

Union-Friendly Governor Takes Over in Colorado

Colorado Another example of why it matters who is Governor when it comes to the treatment of organized labor.  Exhibit "A" courtesy of the AFL-CIO Blog:

Colorado state employees will once again be able to pay their union dues through payroll deduction after Gov. Bill Ritter (D) signed an executive order yesterday that restores the check-off that former Republican Gov. Bill Owens banned in a 2001 executive order.

And with Scott Moss coming to the University of Colorado Law School this Fall, it's just a good all-around week for workers in Colorado.


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Ritter's "union-friendly" bona fides are disputable. Earlier this year, he vetoed a bill that would've rescinded Colorado's requirement for a special election before a union could negotiate for a union-security clause. Details are here:

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