Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Morris, Craver Circulate Proposed NLRB Rule

Nlrbclear Charles Morris and Charlie Craver are circulating a letter_to_the_National_Labor_Relations_Board urging the Board to issue a substantive rule on members-only minority-union bargaining.  Here's an excerpt:

It is our view that protecting the employees’ right to organize and bargain through minority unions on a members-only basis will provide useful stepping-stones on a natural route to majority-based Section 9(a) collective bargaining, such as was commonly practiced during the first decade of the Act. And it is our further view that the resulting enhancement of the collective bargaining process will inure to the benefit of both employees and employers and contribute to a healthier economy.

The letter has generated much email discussion.  Anyone interested in supporting the letter or learning more should contact Charles Morris.


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