Monday, January 29, 2007

Recently-Published Scholarship

Koppelman Zatz_1 Estlund_1 Schmitz Saucedo   



  • Andrew Koppelman (top left), You Can't Hurry Love: Why Antidiscrimination Protections for Gay People Should Have Religious Exemptions, 72 Brooklyn L. Rev. 125 (2006).
  • Noah D. Zatz (top row, second), What Welfare Requires from Work, 54 UCLA L. Rev. 373 (2006).
  • Cynthia L. Estlund (top row, third), Between Rights and Contract: Arbitration Agreements and Non-Compete Covenants as a Hybrid Form of Employment Law, 155 U. Penn. L. Rev. 379 (2006).
  • Amy J. Schmitz (top row, fourth), Embracing Unconscionability's Safety Net Function, 58 Alabama L. Rev. 73 (2006).
  • Leticia M. Saucedo (top row, right), The Employer Preference for the Subservient Worker and the Making of the Brown Collar Workplace, 67 Ohio St. L.J. 961 (2006).
  • Gregory Mitchell (bottom row, left) & Philip E. Tetlock (bottom row, second), Antidiscrimination Law and the Perils of Mindreading, 67 Ohio St. L.J. 1023 (2006).
  • Karen L. Chadwick (bottom row, third), Is Leisure-Time Smoking a Valid Employment Consideration?, 70 Albany L. Rev. 117 (2006).
  • Aida M. Alaka (bottom row, fourth), Corporate Reorganizations, Job Layoffs, and Age Discrimination: Has Smith v. City of Jackson Substantially Expanded the Rights of Older Workers Under the ADEA?, 70 Albany L. Rev. 143 (2006).
  • Christopher S. Simon & Denise B. Simon, Bully for You; Full Steam Ahead: How Pennsylvania Employment Law Permits Bullying in the Workplace, 16 Widener L.J. 141 (2006).
  • Richard A. Bales (bottom row, right), Normative Consideration of Employment Arbitration at Gilmer's Quinceanera, 81 Tulane L. Rev. 331 (2006).


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