Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cataloging Her Efforts to Avoid Work

Woman_sleeping_at_work_1 This priceless story about how not to be a productive worker comes from the Des Moines Register:

A Des Moines hotel worker has been fired for using her employer's computer to keep a massive, detailed journal cataloging her efforts to avoid work.

State records indicate that Emmalee Bauer, 25, of Elkhart was hired by the Sheraton hotel company in February 2005. During most of 2006, she worked at the company's Army Post Road location as a sales coordinator.

At one point during her employment, Bauer was allegedly instructed to refrain from using company time to work on her personal, handwritten journal. Rather than stop writing at all, Bauer allegedly began using her work computer to keep the journal up to date.

Over the next several months, Bauer composed a book-length journal of 300 single-spaced pages, describing in excruciating detail her dogged efforts to avoid any sort of work.

The best part of the entire story?  The woman actually applied for unemployment compensation benefits.  And in a sign that the system has not gone completely haywire, her claim was denied.

Hat Tip:   Kara Lincoln


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