Monday, December 25, 2006

Workplace Lesson #63: Don't Perform Exorcisms at Work

Prayingteddybeare And you thought your workplace situation was bad. From Ted Frank at Overlawyered:

Evelyne Micky Shatkin worked at University of Texas at Arlington, where she had had a series of disputes with a co-worker, which after mediation, resulted an ultimatum from Human Resources: further problems could get you fired. Not satisfied, Shatkin held an after-work "prayer session", where, with another employee, Linda Shifflett, "anointed" the absent co-worker's cubicle with olive oil, purportedly because of fears that the co-worker was demonically oppressed, chanting "You vicious evil dogs. Get the hell out of here in the name of Jesus. ... I command you to leave."

Shatkin and Shifflett were fired when a third employee reported their conduct.  Their response?  Sue the University for religious discrimination.

Yeah, I guess it is not an undue burden for an employer to have to accommodate employees who wish to engage in an olive oil anointment of another's cubicle, especially when that other employee is demonically oppressed.

Sounds about right.


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