Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Finkin on Comparative Labour Law

Mfinkin_7 Congratulations to Matt Finkin (Illinois) who has just published a chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law (Oxford Univ. Press, eds. Reimann & Zimmermann).  Matt's Chapter is entitled, not surprisingly, Comparative Labour Law.

From the Chapter Introduction:

The following proceeds in four stages.  It will first take up the emergence of labour law and its comparative offspring as a discipline.  It will next provide a crude taxonomy of comparative labour law scholarship.  Third, it will treat the role comparativism has played in the development of national labour policy from the nineteenth century to the present.  Fourth, and to come full circle, comparative study will be situated with respect to the contemporary quandary of labour law as discipline.

Congratulations Matt on this fine and important accomplishment.


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