Monday, October 2, 2006

Fourth Annual Employee Benefits Symposium


Volume 39, Number 3, Spring 2006

  • Honorable William J. Bauer, Dedication, p. iii.
  • Priscilla E. Ryan, Foreward, p. v.
  • Justin Cummins & Meg Luger Nikolai, ERISA Reform in a Post-Enron World, p. 563.
  • Craig C. Martin, Matthew J. Renaud & Omar R. Akbar, What’s up on Stock-Drops?: Moench Revisited, p. 605.
  • Mark Casciari & Ian Morrison, Should the Securities Exchange Act be the Sole Federal Remedy for an ERISA Fiduciary Misrepresentation of the Value of Public Employer Stock?, p. 637.
  • David Pratt, Standards of Practice for Pension Practitioners, p. 667.
  • Paul M. Secunda, Inherent Attorney Conflicts of Interest Under ERISA: Using the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to Discourage Joint Representation of Dual Role Fiduciaries, p. 721.
  • Alison McMorran Sulentic, Can Systems Analysis Help Us to Understand C.O.B.R.A.?: A Challenge to Employment-Based Health Insurance, p. 753.
  • Larry Grudzien, The Great Vanishing Benefit, Employer Provided Retiree Medical Benefits: The Problem and Possible Solutions, p. 785.
  • Colleen E. Medill, Resolving The Judicial Paradox of ‘Equitable’ Relief Under ERISA Section 502(A)(3), p. 827.


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