Thursday, September 14, 2006

You Got Watch Those Ombudsmen

Car_blue_2 Let's just say that this is not the type of ombudsman that most employers would want for their organizations:

A police video apparently caught the city's ombudsman scratching the rear of a city councilman's sport-utility vehicle with a key after the councilman took his parking space.

Police had a camera on Councilman Bob King's Nissan Murano because his car had been keyed previously. They released the tape Tuesday in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.

The tape shows King's car parked in city ombudsman James Bell's parking spot, marked "Ombudsman." Bell can be seen parked beside the empty car and then walking behind it, apparently dragging a key across it.

Best part of the whole story is the ombudsman's attorney explanation: "Bell's attorney, Bill Runyon, said Bell was steadying himself because he recently underwent surgery on his knee and that's how the scratches happened."

Yeah, and the President is a Democrat.

Hat Tip:  Miriam Cherry


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