Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Companies That Could Benefit from HR Sensitivity Training

Yourfired_3 Jeanne Sahadi of has truly conjured up a parade of horribles when it comes to the different and diabolical ways employers have gone about terminating their employee's employment (think Radio Shack, Northwest's Guide for Laid Off Employees and the text messaging firing here).

Some of the more cold-hearted examples (with tongue-in-cheek headers):

Strategy 2: Consider the cattle call. It can build team spirit.

One company herded employees into an auditorium and gave them one of two color-coded information packets. Those with the same color packets sat together. The two groups were then escorted out of the auditorium through different exits. One led back to the office, which meant that group of employees could stay. The other led to the street, which meant the workers should file for unemployment.

Strategy 3: There is no such thing as "too low." So don't be afraid to test bottom. One option is to let employees figure things out for themselves.

One company deliberately left a new organizational chart on the photocopy machines. Some employees were left off entirely, and others were moved to new positions.

I guess all this would be somewhat funny if one could just ignore the absolute heartlessness exhibited by corporate America and the psychic pain inflicted on the workers.   But I, like most, am certainly not cracking a smile.

"The things that get done in the name of expediency are quite shocking," said Dale Klamfoth, senior vice president at WJM Associates, an executive and organizational development firm.



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