Thursday, July 6, 2006

The Importance of Being an Essential Employee During a State Budget Crisis

Casino_1 As some may already know, there is an on-going budget crisis in the State of New Jersey which has caused the State to shut down many services, including state parks, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and many courts.

Additionally, during the government shut-down in New Jersey, some 45,000 non-essential government employees have been furloughed until the state legislature and governor can work out their budget differences.

One of the most significant ramifications of this budget crisis is that all the Atlantic City casinos had to close yesterday at 8 a.m., costing a loss of some $1.2 million dollars in tax revenue a day to New Jersey. 

The reason? It all has to do with who is, and who is not, an essential employee during the government shutdown. Because state gaming officials are considered non-essential employees and they are required to be present under state law for gambling in New Jersey to take place, there cannot be any gambling without these "non-essential" employees.

The consequences of there being no state gaming officials? Harrah's, which runs four casinos in Atlantic City, predicts that an additional 15,000 of its employees will suffer a significant loss in pay as a result of the casinos closing.


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