Thursday, June 1, 2006

OSHA Announces 2006 Site-Specific Targeting Plan


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced yesterday that its 2006 Site-Specific Targeting Plan will focus on approximately 4,250 high-hazard worksites in its primary list for unannounced comprehensive inspections over the coming year.

Over the past eight years, OSHA has used a site-specific targeting inspection program based on injury and illness data.  This year's program (SST-06) stems from the agency's Data Initiative for 2005, which surveyed approximately 80,000 employers to attain their injury and illness numbers for 2004.

The following worksites will go on the primary inspection list:

  • worksites with 12 or more injuries or illnesses resulting in days away from work, restricted work activity, or job transfer for every 100 full-time workers (the national average is 2.5);
  • worksites with 9 or more “days away from work injury and illness” for every 100 full-time workers (the national average is 1.4);
  • nursing homes and personal care facilities with above-average injuries or illnesses;
  • 175 worksites reporting low injury and illness rates, in industries with relatively high injury and illness rates; and
  • many worksites that did not respond to OSHA’s survey.


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