Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Homer Simpson-Like Employee Behavior

SnppHere's a story from The Pocono Record that should really instill confidence in all us about how our nuclear facilities are being guarded:

A security guard at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant was so absorbed in playing a hand-held video game that he failed to see an inspector approach during a surprise inspection, the agency said.

The employee did not violate any rules as guards are allowed to engage in mind-stimulating activities, the state Department of Environmental Protection said.

But the alleged lapse - which follows five other reports of employee inattention in the past two years - is prompting officials to review current policies.

Brings to mind something Mr. Burns (Homer's boss of Simpson's fame and nemesis of Maggie Simpson) once said: "Oh, meltdown. It's one of those annoying buzzwords. We prefer to call it an unrequested fission surplus."

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When I told my LRW students about some of the discharge cases I handled, they (a) thought I was making them up and (b) asked whether I was representing Homer Simpson. I'll have to send them this item.

Posted by: Eric M. Fink | May 30, 2006 12:55:03 PM

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