Sunday, February 19, 2006

Gender Influences on Law Firm Hiring, Part 2

From Elizabeth Gorman, whose presentation at the University of Virginia I blogged yesterday:

[T]he excerpt in the blog stops with the mention of male partners' ingroup preference, when actually the bulk of the talk--and my description of my own research--focused on bias due to schema-based thinking, which can affect both male and female partners.  For example, I discussed my article in the American Sociological Review, which found that firms that use more stereotypically masculine hiring critera have higher proportions of men among their new hires, while firms that use more stereotypically feminine hiring criteria have higher proportions of women among their new hires.  Schema- and stereotype-biased thinking is the more pervasive and subtle process and probably has more extensive effects on women lawyers' careers (and on those of other professionals and managers).


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