Thursday, September 30, 2004

Welcome to LaborProf Blog


Welcome to LaborProf Blog, a comprehensive web site that combines both (1) regularly-updated permanent resources and links, and (2) daily news and information of interest to labor law professors

Permanent Resources include:

* List of Labor Law Professors
* List of Specialty Labor Programs
* Labor Law Teaching Materials
* Labor Law Scholarship
* Labor Law Professor Organizations
* Labor Policy Groups
* International Labor Law Links

Current News and Information:
* Abstracts of forthcoming and recently-published labor law scholarship
* Upcoming colloquia, conferences, and meetings of interest to Labor Law Professors

What LaborProf Blog Is Not: This blog is not a collection of ruminations about the latest labor law policy issue in the news or the latest labor law case or ruling. I leave that terrain to the many existing blogs with that mission.

Please email me with comments and suggestions on how to make this blog more useful to you. And please email me content to post here.

LaborProf Blog is part of the Law Professors Blogs Network, designed from the ground-up to assist law professors in their scholarship and teaching. Each site focuses on a particular area of the law school curriculum and is edited by leading scholars and teachers who are committed to providing the web destination for law professors in their fields. Our goal is for law faculty to visit the Law Professor Blog in their area (or areas) as part of their daily routine.

Rafael Gely
University of Cincinnati
College of Law

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Dr. Gely

It seems you're site is being Insta-Launched -- so get ready. Will this blog be dealing with Occupational Safety/Workers Comp. Law as well?


Posted by: Tom Reeves | Oct 1, 2004 12:02:40 PM

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