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Thursday, January 17, 2019

International Tax Cooperation Congress Discuss Proposed UN Multilateral Tax Instrument

The International Tax Cooperation Congress, hosted by the University of Barcelona, chaired by Dr. Eva Andrés Aucejo, is being held Thursday 17th January and Friday 18th January in collaboration with speakers of the EU Commission, OECD, UN Committee of International Tax Experts, CIAT, Spain's Tax Authority, and Texas A&M University Law.  The engaged audience included participants from many IGOs, government participants, civil society organizations, and academics.

The primary topics included a multilateral instrument for tax coordination and administrative cooperation; intra-group pricing and recognition of value, profits, and costs; and tax policy unfolding to address the digital economy.

Pictured from the speaker dinner and pre-Congress discussion, below, include Professor William Byrnes (Texas A&M Law), Professor Eva Andrés Aucejo (Barcelona), chair, Dr. George L. Salis, chief economist of Vertex, Inc and David Deputy, Chief Tax Policy, Vertex Inc.,  and digital economy leader for the industry group of the 50 large stakeholders.  

Int Tax Coop Congress

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