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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cambridge Symposium Invites Tax Scholars to Present Papers

This year the Directorate of the Cambridge Symposium (of Jesus College) selected leading US tax scholars to present and network with approximately 1,800 delegates from 110 countries representing top academic institutions, governments, global banks, and large professionals firms.  The Cambridge Symposium, now in its 35th year, allows deep networking and backchannel discussion over eight days on Jesus College' campus.

Michael Hatfield (University of Washington), Leandra Lederman (Indiana-Bloomington), and Adam Thimmesch (Nebraska) undertook a discussion moderated by the chairperson FullSizeRenderWilliam Byrnes (Texas A&M) on Tax Compliance and Tax Privacy: A U.S. Perspective at the 35th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime at the University of Cambridge.  This panel explored cutting-edge issues in tax compliance, information reporting, and tax privacy. The topics include recent developments in the behavioral economics and psychology of tax compliance, and the rapidly evolving use of technology and big data in tax enforcement and its impact on the privacy of taxpayers.

Leandra Lederman (center right) shared, “I thought it was a terrific conference, and I made some nice international connections.” 

Adam Thimmesch (far right) added, “I’d just like to echo Leandra’s thoughts, and thank you again for a great experience.  The conference was fantastic, and the panel was very enjoyable.”  

“The symposium was an extraordinarily unique opportunity to hear and share ideas on the on global crime and cybersecurity concerns” expressed Michael Hatfield (center left), an Aggie ('91 and '93) who added, "high energy job with the panel" and provided the traditional Aggie "Gig'em".  

“Cambridge is the preeminent annual symposium to address the overlap of intelligence, economic crime prevention, and tax compliance issues,” said William Byrnes (far left).  “I look forward to continuing this panel’s discussion of these important issues at the 36th annual Cambridge symposium.”

Cambridge Symposium ScholarsTheir papers and/or slides are linked to below:

Download Hatfield Cybersecurity and Individual Income Tax Reform Presentation

Download Lederman--U.S. Tax Compliance Issues--Cambridge

Download Thimmesch - Tax Privacy - Cambridge

Download Byrnes Cambridge 2017 Disclosing Wealth

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