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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

William Byrnes Key Speaker on Education 4.0 for India's Industrial Revolution 4.0 at Opening of Liberal Arts Auronya College

On 22nd  April 2017, a state of the Art, cutting edge future focused university based on necessities of Fourth Industrial Revolution by the World Economic Forum launched in India, the Auronya collee logolaunch event telecasted live on multiple media channels to over 800 million TV viewers, and re-broadcasted live on YouTube and Facebook globally.  Press and moderators included television personalities from the likes of CNN-IBN, CNBC, Sky News, HARDtalk-BBC and ITV News.  The theme of the event is Education 4.0, The Future of Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Prof. William Byrnes of Texas A&M University was a featured speaker of the distinguished global list of speakers (Download Byrnes Auronya Presentation).  Prof. Byrnes had received India's National Board of Accreditation's 2012 academic achievement award for pioneering distance learning.

The campus will be state of the art spread across 70 Acres. The University will be located in a forested beach town in the French area iof southern India, about 150 kms away from bustling city of Chennai. The Launch event was held in the Metro City of Chennai at the ITC Grand Chola Resort (7 Star Resort). 

Auronya College was founded by substantial contributions from Abhaya Kumar Jain, one of India's most successful pharmaceutical pioneers.  Auronya invited over 400 attendees from the World Economic Forum, top industry leaders from Forbes 100, politicos, diplomats, and academics from around the world.   The launch event also showcased the use of cutting edge augmented VR technology from Google and HTC as well as new age 3D/AR Educational Technology from Europe.

 Youtube (see live broadcast at 27:30 but video/sound is off by 7 to 10 seconds) and cuts off and continues here on YouTube

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