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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Involving Students in Accreditation

Higher education is transforming internally and externally. The demographics of learners continue to shift drastically to be more inclusive of people of color, first generation, part-time, CHEA logoreturning and older students. Learners are more diverse than ever before. There is also an expansion of types of programs offered to students. Coding boot camps, microdegrees and MOOCs are providing exciting alternatives to learn and gain certain skills. Moreover, a shift in the character of accountability is occurring. Accreditation has been the traditional form of external evaluation of quality for the Academy, governed by the Academy and funded by the Academy. These changes call for an expansion of key stakeholders in the accreditation process – particularly employers and students.

This article focuses on the need for accreditors to engage students in fundamentally different ways in all stages of its process. Read it here.

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