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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Inaugural International Law Weekend-South Kicks Off at Texas A&M Law

This Thursday, 25 international law experts, policy officials, and faculty will convene at Texas A&M University School of Law for the inaugural International Law Weekend-South.

This initial conference brings together leadership from Halliburton, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and legal academics to examine key aspects of international trade, including:

  • resource management and development,
  • intellectual property impacts,
  • the potential renegotiation of NAFTA,
  • international corruption, and,
  • regional and international agreements, and the role of judges in enforcement of same.

International Law Weekend-South was established in cooperation with the American Branch of the International Law Association (ABILA) and is co-sponsored by the American Society TAMU-Law-lockup-stack-SQUARE (1) of International Law. ABILA President and Georgetown Visiting Professor of Law David Stewart has already named International Law Weekend-South the Association's official South Regional conference.

"This conference is going to provide a first-rate forum for exploring some of the most challenging questions of international law and practice facing the profession today, and – just as important – a terrific opportunity to engage students in thinking about cutting edge issues as well as career opportunities they may not have considered," Stewart said.

"From cross border trade to sustainable development to democratic transition, international law developments have been of utmost importance to this globalized world," said Professor Peter Yu, co-director of the school's Center for Law and Intellectual Property, and also Co-Director of Studies for ABILA. "With the many new policies that the U.S. administration is now rolling out, there cannot be a better time to closely examine these developments."

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