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Friday, April 8, 2016

Get Published! Q&A with a Texas A&M Law Professor

Falcon Scientific Editing & Publishing Q&A transcript

Law Books Small1) Where do you and your colleagues publish your work?

4) What English language journals are most important in your field?

5) How do you write letters to editors to make your work stand out?

7) If you have reviewed manuscripts or books from international authors in your field, what do you think are their major challenges?

Falcon Scientific Editing & Publishing Q&A transcript

My field is taxation, which is like saying my field is “law” or “business”.  Taxation is a very broad field, with many intra-silo specialties.  The specialty areas may be, nonexclusively, based on industry (e.g., oil & gas, pharmaceutical), on country/region (e.g., U.S., EU, South East Asia), on type of taxation (e.g., municipal, international, VAT, federal, estate), and topic areas (e.g., transfer pricing, M&A, corporate).  My field specialty, at least what my graduate education and fellowship dissertation reflect, is “transfer pricing”.  During my practice, I expanded into an international tax comparatist.  As an international tax expert, with agility I research and analyze the tax laws of countries then categorize the laws with added value annotation for meaningful reference for tax advisors.

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