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Monday, November 30, 2015

From Russia with Love

Financial Law Prof Blogger William Byrnes took part in the 2nd International Economic Forum “In Search of the Missing Growth” held at the Russian Federation's Financial University in Moscow from November 24 - 26.  Approximately 4,200 delegates attended from 40 countries.   He submitted a fiscal policy paper about applying valuation methodologies for cross-border activities - intangibles within 'bundled services' arrangements and within 'platform contribution transactions'.

The conference featured many Russian government and industry leaders including by example,

Ufrf_logo_engFinance; Anton Siluanov, Minister of Finance; Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry & Trade; Sergei Glazyev, Aide to the President; Andrei Makarov, Chair, State Duma, Committee for Budget & Taxes, among numerous others.  Speakers presented upon, and debated amongst themselves, macro approaches and their effects upon economic development and upon social contribution.

Renowned economists, practitioners and representatives of governmental bodies delivered presentations and papers including Dr. Alvin Elliot Roth, winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics, who opened with a presentation on the design of market places.  His presentation led to over an hour of audience questions. 

Speaker networking included meals together and a guided tour of Moscow's highlights by the financial university students.

"In the U.S., 'global' discussion is often driven from only a myopic, U.S. centric perspective." William Byrnes stated. "It's refreshing to engage in policy discussions from a myriad of political economic positions.  The Financial University's conference  offers meaningful engagement with many policy makers and academics from many non Western European economies such as Russia, China, and Vietnam to name a few.   

He added "I look forward to engaging with my Russian colleagues at Financial University's June (summer) 2016 global conference.

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