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Monday, November 23, 2015

Disaster Risk Financing: A global survey of practices and challenges

This book provides an overview of the disaster risk assessment and financing practices of a broad range of economies. It draws on the G20/OECD Framework for Disaster Risk Disaster-risk-financing_9789264234246-en
Assessment and Risk Financing and is based on a survey covering 29 economies.  

Recent years have seen a range of natural and man-made catastrophes affecting a large number of both developed and developing economies around the globe. These catastrophes have generated a broad range of direct and indirect impacts on all parts of society, including loss of life and damage to public and private property and infrastructure as well as fiscal impacts arising from recovery and reconstruction expenditures and decreased tax revenues. In many economies, particularly low income economies, annual disaster losses account for a significant share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Executive summary
Financial management of disaster risks
Assessment of disaster risks, financial vulnerabilities and the impact of disasters
Private disaster risk financing tools and markets and the need for financial preparedness
Government compensation, financial assistance arrangements and sovereign risk financing strategies
Key priorities for strengthening financial resilience

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