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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

IRS Procedures to Ensure Consistency and Effectiveness in the Administration of Civil FBAR Penalties

The purpose of the IRS interim guidance is to implement procedures to improve the administration of the Service’s FBAR compliance program.

When asserting an FBAR penalty, the burden is on the IRS to show that an FBAR violation occurred Irs_logoand, for willful violations, that the violation was in fact willful. The FBAR penalty provision of Title 31 establishes only maximum penalty amounts, leaving the IRS to determine the appropriate FBAR penalty amount based on the facts and circumstances of each case.

Read the May 13, 2015 IRS FBAR Guidance 

Prof Jack Townsend, on his federal tax crimes blog, discusses the recent Moore v United States (W.D. WA 2015) in which the Court "admonishes the IRS and imposes a cost for misleading the taxpayer" about a FBAR assessment.

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