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Thursday, April 16, 2015

INTERPOL Opens Global Complex for Innovation to Fight 21st Century Crimes

InterpolMinisters and senior police officials from around the world gathered at the official opening of the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) which is set to empower law enforcement officers worldwide with cutting-edge tools and knowledge against 21st century crime.

With the IGCI marking the transition of global policing into the digital age, Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs, Teo Chee Hean, addressed its opening ceremony after chairing a ministerial cybercrime meeting involving INTERPOL’s President Mireille Ballestrazzi and Secretary General Jürgen Stock.

Underlining the growing complexity of today’s safety and security threats, Deputy Prime Minister Teo said: “Police and law enforcement agencies in the region can access INTERPOL’s tools and programs through the IGCI, to train and equip their officers to combat new and emerging threats, thereby enhancing collective regional safety and security.”

“The IGCI can use Singapore’s location in the heart of Asia to reach out to the rest of the region and beyond. Through the IGCI, INTERPOL can also gain a better understanding of Asian perspectives and expertise, to shape its research and development and operational responses against transnational threats,” added Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister.

The opening ceremony also included representatives from international organizations and strategic partner organizations from the private sector. These include Entrust Datacard, Kaspersky Lab, NEC, Safran Morpho and Trend Micro Ltd.

INTERPOL President Ballestrazzi said that collaboration with the public and private sectors would allow the IGCI to benefit from the culture, innovation and dynamic spirit of all those involved.

“Today’s inauguration of the IGCI marks the end of a process that has mobilized our member countries and partners in a joint effort to strengthen the abilities of INTERPOL and law-enforcement agencies as they face the realities of modern crime. It also marks our joint resolve to build a safer world,” said President Ballestrazzi.

Highlighting Singapore’s thriving spirit as it celebrates its 50th anniversary, INTERPOL Secretary General Jrgen Stock said that the IGCI was born out of the Organization’s commitment to adapt to changes in the threat landscape.

“By establishing the IGCI, INTERPOL will ensure that it is best placed to help police around the world address emerging threats through innovation and training. The work of the IGCI will provide operational and forensic support, build capacity and identify cyber threats,” said Mr. Stock.

In this respect, the audience heard that intelligence from a prominent IT actor had led to an IGCI-coordinated operation which dismantled the Simda botnet through a joint international effort by law enforcement and the private sector.

“These achievements highlight the value of the IGCI and how it will help police adopt new technology and practices to outsmart cybercriminals,” added Mr. Stock.

In addition to cybercrime and capacity building and training, the IGCI’s Command and Coordination Centre operations room represents its third central pillar. It recently coordinated its first border security initiative, Operation Sunbird, leading to the arrest of international fugitives attempting to travel across ASEAN countries.

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