Tuesday, October 11, 2022

The Effect of International Judges' Personal Characteristics on their Judging

The Leiden Journal of International Law has organized an open access symposium that makes a relevant and timely contribution to the studies of international judging. The symposium issue is edited by Gregor Maučec & Shai Dothan and examines – from legal, sociological and political science perspectives - the role and impact of international judges’ personal backgrounds on their decision-making and reasoning. Contents include:

Gregor Maučec & Shai Dothan, “The Effects of International Judges’ Personal Characteristics on Their Judging”

Lee Epstein & Jack Knight, “How Social Identity and Social Diversity Affect Judging”

Loveday Hodson, “Gender and the International Judge: Towards a Transformative Equality Approach”

Salvatore Caserta & Mikael Rask Madsen, “The situated and bounded rationality of international courts: A structuralist approach to international adjudicative practices”

Gregor Maučec & Shai Dothan, “Judicial Dissent at the International Criminal Court: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis”

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