Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Transnational Business Problems

Professor Detlev F. Vagts died in 2013 but his casebook lives on. There's a new edition of Transnational Business Problems by Detlev F. Vagts (Harvard University), William S. Dodge (University of California at Davis School of Law), Hannah L. Buxbaum (University of Indiana Maurer School of Law), and Harold Hongju Koh (Yale University), published by Foundation Press.

The book covers "The Environments of Transnational Business" including Transnational Lawyering, International Dispute Resolution, Transnational Law, and Corporate Social Responsibility. That part is followed by a series of problem exercises in Transnational Sales, Agency and Distributor Agreements, Licensing Agreements, International Joint Ventures, International Debt Instruments, and other topics.


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