Monday, July 15, 2019

Citation Manual for International Arbitration

20190714_131452We haven't had a chance yet to review this closely, but we're happy to learn about a new citation manual called UCIA: Universal Citation in International Arbitration, published in the United Kingdom by the Global Arbitration Review and available here online.

The book was on display at the 112th Annual Conference of the American Association of Law Libraries, an event taking place this week in Washington, D.C.

Having a uniform system for citing international arbitration decisions will help lawyers, arbitrators, parties, and scholars see how arbitral awards and decisions are being followed by other tribunals. This, in turn, will allow for greater coherence in how later tribunals will rule in international arbitration cases.

Please use the "comment" section to share your thoughts and specific observations about the citation manual.


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Your readers may be interested to know a review of UCIA, by professor Jonathan L Entin, of Case Western Reserv University, has now appeared in the George Washington International Law Review (vol 51, page 369).

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