Monday, June 17, 2019

Royal Gardner Recognized for His Work on the Global Wetland Outlook

Royal GardnerProfessor Royal Gardner, who teaches the Environmental Law Research and Writing first-year persuasion course at Stetson University College of Law, received Stetson’s Dickerson-Brown Award for Excellence in Faculty Scholarship.  

The award recognizes Professor Gardner’s work on the Global Wetland Outlook ("GWO"), a wetland conservation treaty that includes 170 countries.   The treaty is the first-ever comprehensive report on the state of the world’s wetlands and their services to people. It provides a snapshot of wetland status, trends, and pressures. It further articulates a broad range of effective wetland conservation options available at the national, international, catchment, and site levels, underscoring the need for good governance, knowledge generation, management, investment, and public participation.   


Professor Gardner’s work on the conservation treaty began in 2016, and the treaty was launched at a conference of the signatories in Dubai, United Arab Emeriates, in October 2018, where Professor Gardner presented it at a plenary session. The treaty has been published in English, French, and Spanish, and the Administrative Authority for China has stated that it will be translated into Mandarin.  The GWO is available at

Hat tip to Dr. Kirsten K. Davis, Professor of Law and Interim Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Director of the Stetson Institute for the Advancement of Legal Communication


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