Monday, December 10, 2018

Law and Legal Education in Australia

The 13th Global Legal Skills Conference continues this week at Melbourne Law School. A plenary session on Australian law included a detailed explanation of the landmark decision of the High Court of Australia in Mabo v. Queensland (No. 2), [1992] HCA 23; 175 CLR 1; (1992) EOC 92-443; 42 FLR 32. The Mabo decision recognized the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and acknowledged their unique connection with the land. It also led to the Australian Parliament passing the Native Title Act in 1993, a law that provides a mechanism to determine how native title interests are recognized and recorded.

Other topics discussed in the Australian plenary included the Australian Constitution, the contemporary legal structure of Australia and its federal system, and the Australian judicial system.

The speakers at the Australian legal plenary were Professor Kirsty Grover, Mr. Matthew Albert, and Dr. Carrie McDougal, all of the Melbourne Law School.


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