Thursday, January 7, 2016

Call for Papers: Utrecht Journal of International and European Law

The Utrecht Journal of International and European Law is issuing a Call for Papers to be published in its 83rd edition in summer 2016 on ‘General Issues’ within International and European law.

The Board of Editors invites submissions addressing any aspect of International and European law; topics may include, but are not limited to, European Union law, International and European Human Rights Law, International and European Criminal Law, Transnational Justice, Family Law, Health and Medical Law, Children’s Rights, Commercial Law, Media Law, Law of Democracy, Taxation, Comparative Law, Competition Law, Employment Law, Law of the Sea, Environmental Law, Indigenous Peoples, Land and Resources Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, or any other relevant topic.

Authors are invited to address questions and issues arising from the specific area of law relating to their topic. All types of manuscripts, from socio-legal to legal technical to comparative, will be considered for publication. However, any analysis solely limited to a national legal system will fall outside the scope of the Journal. An international or European legal dimension is imperative.

The Board of Editors will select articles based on quality of research and writing, diversity and relevance of topic. The novelty of the academic contribution is also an essential requirement. Prospective articles should be submitted online and should conform to the journal style guide on the journal's website. Utrecht Journal has a word limit of 15,000 words including footnotes.

Deadline for Submissions: 18 April 2016

Utrecht Journal of International and European Law is the student-led, peer-reviewed biannual law journal of Urios, the Utrecht Association for International and European Law. The Journal was originally founded in 1981 as Merkourios. Since 1981, the Journal has expanded its readership and is now distributed all over the world through databases such as HeinOnline and the Directory of Open Access Journals.


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