Monday, November 16, 2015

News from Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility

The U.S. government announced today the transfer of five Yemeni nationals from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to the United Arab Emerites (UAE). The men were arrested in 2001 by Pakistani and Afghan forces and turned over the the United States. They have been held at Guantanamo Bay for more than a decade without charges.  After extensive review, the U.S. government has determined that the men no longer pose a security threat.  They are being transferred to the UAE rather than being returned to Yemen because of the ongoing conflict in Yemen and because of congressional opposition to the return of detainees to Yemen. 107 detainees remain at Guantanamo Bay.

Some of the detainees have been approved for transfer out of Guantanamo Bay for years, but have remained in the facility while the U.S. government found a country willing to accept them. One such man, Muhammadi Davilatov filed a habeas corpus petition many years ago. The U.S. court stayed his petition because the government represented to the court that he would be released expeditiously. He was not released, however.  The Center for  Constitutional Rights announced today it has filed a new habeas petition on Mr. Davilatov's behalf asking the court once again to order his release.


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