Friday, April 25, 2014

What Situations is the International Criminal Court Investigating Now?

21 cases in 8 situations have been brought before the International Criminal Court.

ICC LogoFour of these situations were referred to the ICC by nations that are parties to the Rome Statute which established the court.  These four situations are:

  • Uganda
  • Democratic Repubilc of the Congo, 
  • Central African Republic, and 
  • Mali

In addition to referrals from state parties to the Rome Statute, the U.N. Security Council can also refer situations to the ICC for investigation. The U.N. Security Council has referred two situations to the ICC, both involving countries that are not themselves parties to the Rome Statute.  These two situations are:

  • Darfur (Sudan)
  • Libya

The Prosecutor of the ICC can also open an investigation proprio motu. The ICC Prosecutor was authorized to open investigations in two countries:

  • Kenya (investigation authorized by Pre-Trial Chamber II on March 31, 2010)
  • Côte d’Ivoire (investigation authorized by Pre-Trial Chamber III on October 3, 2011)

Additionally, the ICC is conducting preliminary examinations in several other situtations, including:

  • Afghanistan
  • Colombia
  • Republic of Georgia
  • Guinea
  • Honduras
  • Nigeria
  • Korea
  • Ukraine

More information about cases and investigations pending before the International Criminal Court can by found at this link.


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