Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Book Explains the External Relations Law of the European Union

OUP EU ExternalOxford University Press has published a new book on "The Law of EU External Relations: Cases, Materials, and Commentary on the EU as an International Legal Actor."  The authors are Pieter Jan Kuijper (University of Amsterdam), Jan Wouters (University of Leuven), Frank Hoffmeister (Free University of Brussels), Geert De Baere (University of Leuven), and Thomas Ramopoulos (University of Leuven).  

The book is a usefuly volume of annotated documents and judgments relating to the foreign relations power of the European Union and the practice of the European Union in the field of international law.  It's obviously useful as a course textbook for any school lucky enough to offer specialized EU classes, but it's also going to be a useful reference tool for academics and other researchers as well as diplomats who find themselves needing a more complete understanding of the mysteries of the European Union.  It's an intelligently designed book with a great deal of useful information.  It's broken down into these chapters:

  1. Personality and Powers of the EU
  2. International Representation of the EU
  3. Treaty-Making Powers
  4. Mixed Agreements
  5. The EU in International Organizations
  6. EU Sanctions and Countermeasures
  7. Common Commercial Policy (including imports, safeguards, antidumping, antisubsidy, and trade barrier legislation)
  8. Cooperation Policies and Humanitarian Aid
  9. Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy
  10. External Environmental Policy
  11. Common Foreign and Security Policy
  12. The Status of International Law in the EU (including international agreements, the status of the World Trade Organization, the status of the United Nations within the EU legal order, and General International Law)
  13. International Agreements and Member States. 

Each of the chapters contains a great many documents, selected and edited with a great deal of care.  A lot of work went into this book.

The book is also going to be a useful reference tool for its Table of Cases, which includes citations from the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Court of Human Rights, the EFTA Court, the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of International Justice, the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization, Arbitral Tribunals, and a handful of national cases from Canada, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.  EU Treaties, Protocols, Declarations, Regulations, Directives, Joint Actions, Common Positions, Council and Commission Decisions, and other EU Documents are also extensively cited and included in the index.  Also cited are a large number of treaties, charters, agreements, and declarations, as well as national legal documents from the EU member states, the United States, and even Uruguay.  

You will want to have this book if you're writing about any aspect of the external relations of the European Union because this book will put into context the primary sources you're citing and discussing.  The introductory annotations throughout the book are easy to read and quite helpful.

The hardcover edition sells for $225 but it's also available in paperback for the student-friendly price of $85.  Click here for more information about the book (including how to buy it, of course!).

Mark E. Wojcik (mew)



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