Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Journal on the Use of Force and International Law Seeking Submissions

The following is an announcement regarding a new journal that may be of interest to readers of this blog:

"The Journal on the Use of Force and International Law (JUFIL) is a new peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of the law governing the use of force (jus ad bellum), as distinct from other areas of international law relating to security issues, such as International Humanitarian Law or international Criminal Law. The Journal aims to provide a forum for top quality international research into all facets of the law governing the use of force, covering issues such as the nature and scope of the inherent right of self-defence, the use of force authorised by the UN Security Council and force employed for humanitarian purposes. As such, it has a focused mandate, whilst engaging with the ‘jus ad bellum’ broadly defined, ensuring a wide appeal.

In addition to publishing research of the highest quality and impact, of both a theoretical and more practical nature, the Journal will support the conducting of research, through a digest of state practice on the use of force – a relatively unique feature for an international law journal – which will act as a key means of assessing the development of customary international law in the area. The Journal will also feature book reviews that significantly engage with the key works in the field. 

The first issues will be published in August and December 2014. It will thereafter be published twice annually in May and November. 


 JUFIL is expected to attract contributions both from scholars writing on the general nature of the law in the area of jus ad bellum and those examining particular uses of force or developments in this field of law.

The deadline for submissions for the first issue is 31 January 2014 for articles, and 28 February 2014 for Book Reviews.

The Journal invites submission of unsolicited manuscripts.  For articles, the suggested word length is between 8,000 and 25,000 words including footnotes, and for book reviews, which should significantly engage with the book under review, the preferred length will be 3-4,000 words including footnotes."

Article submissions for publication should be made in the first instance to:

Dr James A. Green, Reader in Public International Law, School of Law, University of Reading, Foxhill House,Whiteknights Road, Earley, Reading, RG6 7BA, UK

Tel: +44 (0)118 378 8592 Email: [email protected]


Dr Christian Henderson, Senior Lecturer in Law, Director of the Human Rights and International
Law Unit, Liverpool Law School, University of Liverpool, Eleanor Rathbone Building, Bedford Street South, Liverpool, L69 7ZA, UK

Tel: 0151 794 6912  Email: [email protected]

Book review submissions for publication should be made in the first instance to:

Dr Francis Grimal, Lecturer in Law, University of Buckingham, School of Law, Hunter Street, Buckingham, MK18 1EG, UK

Tel: 01280 828300 Email: francis.grimal@buckingham .ac.uk

Items for inclusion in the Digest of State Practice should be directed to the attention of:

Dr Tom Ruys, Senior Research Fellow, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, University
of Leuven, Huis de Dorlodot, Charles Deberiotstraat 34, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium

Tel: + 32 (0)16 32 87 25 Email: [email protected]



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