Sunday, June 30, 2013

International Maritime Boundaries 2013 Poster Map

We think this might be of interest to readers of this blog.  International Mapping has announced the publication of its new International Maritime Boundaries: 2013 poster map.  This map is designed to help users stay abreast of the rapid influx of new boundary delimitations on the continental shelf.  This is a topic of immense importance to all coastal States in that it determines their access to the resources of the sea and seabed that lie in close proximity to their coastal baselines.  The poster map also identifies specially designated areas that form parts of many maritime boundary agreements.  These special areas deal with a variety of topics such as shared fishing rights, joint development of seabed resources, pollution abatement, maritime shipping, enforcement of maritime laws and more.

This new poster map also illustrates delimitations that extend beyond the 200 nautical mile limits of a coastal State‚Äôs entitlement to an exclusive economic zone, or EEZ.  The recent ITLOS award in the Bangladesh / Myanmar case represented the first time that an outer continental shelf claim had ever been delimited through litigation.  While this award represents the first adjudicated maritime boundary to extend beyond the 200 nautical mile juridical shelf established by UNCLOS-III, International Mapping notes that it certainly will not be the last.   

This map will be updated on an annual basis so that new boundary agreements, awards, or judgments can be added to the current list of over 220 boundaries already in existence.  This year the ICJ is scheduled to hand down its judgment in the Chile/Peru case, while the PCA is scheduled to hear arguments in the Bangladesh/India case.  Additionally, eight new multi-lateral boundary agreements in the South Pacific will likely be made public in 2013.  As soon as these new boundaries have been officially established they will then be added to the next edition in 2014.

You can purchase a copy of the 2013 edition by clicking here. 

The International Law Prof Blog has no commercial relationship with this provider.  We simply think it will be of interest to many readers of this blog.  

Hat tip to  Dan Przywara, Director, Sales & Marketing at International Mapping


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